UChicago Campus 2

The World at UChicago

A wide range of resources on UChicago's Hyde Park campus allow faculty, students, staff, and the surrounding community to engage with the world.

The University of Chicago's global reach begins on campus. International exchange has been a priority from the?University's inception and continues to be so today through area-specific academic studies, international partnerships, cultural exchanges and beyond. The University offers resources that facilitate easier communication and collaboration between our main campus in Hyde Park and our partners around the world.

UChicago's international community on campus is significant, with international students comprising roughly a quarter?of the student body. Students come to us from nearly?115 different countries, strengthening our global community. Over 40 Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) have a cultural and/or geographic focus, and resources such as the International House and Office of International Affairs work closely with students to guide them through the international student experience.

UChicago faculty are also a diverse group?and many opportunities are available to them to extend the global reach of their work. ?UChicago is?an environment of vigorous discourse and debate which draws scholars from around the world who seek out an intellectual environment that encourages risk-taking and passion, that rewards those with the ambition to take their ideas from good to great. The University is a beacon for thinkers who choose data over dogma, who push an idea into the path of doubt to reveal its weaknesses, and who recognize the value of discontent with the status quo and the potency of unexpected collaborations.?

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